find a date in real life

How to Find a Date in Real Life

There is tons of advice on how to find a date online. Some of us want to try something new or we’re not 100% sure about using the internet to find love just yet. So how do you go about finding a date in real life? Today, Brenda and I give you some helpful tips on what to do along…

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meet my family

Is it Too Early to Bring My SO to Meet My Family?

It’s official! You’ve been cuffed.  After dating some great ones and some bums, you have finally locked yourself down into a relationship.  Congrats! Now that the holidays are here, you start asking yourself whether it’s too early to bring your new beau to meet your family. Is it too early for your significant other to meet them? Before making your…

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date night jitters

How to Cure Date Night Jitters

Date night is intimidating. This is the first time you and someone you are romantically interested in are going to sit down face to face and get to know each other. No pressure. Val and Brenda start the episode on a lighter note discussing the season and how Latinos drink hot chocolate. Does anyone else put cheese in their hot…

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cuffing season

Is it Rabbit Season? No, it’s Cuffing Season

For the past few weeks, I’ve been mentioning cuffing season on social media and to my friends. It’s not a surprise that most of you don’t know what it is since it’s a fairly new phrase. No worries, I’m here to save you from wracking your brain and sleepless nights. I heard this phrase a  few years ago, right around…

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that girl

Don’t Be That Girl

I am so excited to announce that we’re back on track. After a little bit of a hiatus, we’re back to our regularly scheduled program. It’s cuffing season. I dedicated the month of November to the single girl. Today, we got some advice for the ladies (and even sometimes guys) not to sweat the small stuff. Don’t be that girl.…

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singles vocabulary guide

The Dating Vocabulary Guide

I was on Snapchat the other day, and I clicked on this article on dating vocabulary. My mind was blown. I guess being out of the game for a few years left me in the dark. No amount of conversations with my friends prepared me for this article. Then I thought to myself, if I didn’t know these actions had…

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fight fair

How to Fight Fair

Fighting is perfectly healthy in any relationship. When you and your significant other get into a spat, it’s important to remember to fight fair. Val and Brenda discuss some tips on how to get out of a fight with a resolution not broken spirits. Don’t be afraid of conflict You both come from different backgrounds regardless of how many similarities…

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Before Finding Love, You Have to do the Work

Okay. I am going to give you a stern talking to. Are you ready? Good. Since I have announced that I am a certified matchmaker, I have been approached several times. It’s been great! However, as soon as I ask people to fill out a questionnaire that will take them 15 minutes, they look at me like I have six…

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Why Traveling Was Good For Our Relationship

I have traveled before I met my partner Gareth (as I like to call BG, Before Gareth.) I had gone to various random places in the states with my family. The usual California, New York, Zion and I saw my best friend get married in Australia.  I would say that I hardly traveled. Five states and once out of the…

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