fight fair

How to Fight Fair

Fighting is perfectly healthy in any relationship. When you and your significant other get into a spat, it’s important to remember to fight fair. Val and Brenda discuss some tips on how to get out of a fight with a resolution not broken spirits. Don’t be afraid of conflict You both come from different backgrounds regardless of how many similarities…

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Before Finding Love, You Have to do the Work

Okay. I am going to give you a stern talking to. Are you ready? Good. Since I have announced that I am a certified matchmaker, I have been approached several times. It’s been great! However, as soon as I ask people to fill out a questionnaire that will take them 15 minutes, they look at me like I have six…

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Why Traveling Was Good For Our Relationship

I have traveled before I met my partner Gareth (as I like to call BG, Before Gareth.) I had gone to various random places in the states with my family. The usual California, New York, Zion and I saw my best friend get married in Australia.  I would say that I hardly traveled. Five states and once out of the…

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significant other

How to Get Closer to Your Significant Other

The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved, are the words of famous French novelist, Victor Hugo, and for sure it’s the greatest truth. Noble thing as knowing that you are in love with somebody is a very rare thing in modern society, that’s why it’s even more precious. Finding your soulmate is already difficult, but…

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traveling heidi mae

Traveling to Paris with Your Partner?

The comedian and I are about to embark on our first trip across the pond together.  I asked one of my favorite contributors to share her story with her significant other. ______________________________________________________________________ My partner changed my world when I started dating him.  We traveled so much together and he has definitely got me out of my bubble.  Our trips are…

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Types of Guys

Types of Guys We’ve Dated Who Left Us Speechless

If you have been dating, you have probably dated one of these guys.  If not, then you are very lucky.  Today, Brenda and I talk about those guys who have left a dent in our dating experience.  These types of guys have personality traits that make our jaws drop.  This is a short list.  Let us know if you have…

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too soon for sex, dr. arny olivera

When is it too soon for sex?

We’re excited to share today’s interview with Dr. Arny Olivera who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Sexologist. Val met Arny over 15 years ago at a club.  Yep, relationships, or at least friendships, do exist after a night out with friends.  Since then, he has become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and last year,…

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married with twins

Married with Twins

Ever since Mitchell and Linda Lopez found out they were going to have twins, their world turned upside down. Brenda and I interview the couple to find out how they deal with parenting, their careers, and keeping the spice alive in their marriage. This is an episode that’s raw, honest, and can only be understood if you listen to the…

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Marriage podcast

6 Topics You Need to Discuss Before Marriage

Many women dream about the day of their wedding. We forget the reason for the wedding is marriage. Couples don’t take the time to discuss their likes, dislikes, wants, needs, and more before taking the leap. In 2015, the divorce was 16.9 out of every 1000 women. Knowing your mate before walking down the aisle will help in keeping you…

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