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I’m Officially Mrs. Comedian!

I’ve officially been married to the Comedian for a month and two days.  I know I’m a bit late on relaying my experience but what better time before a long weekend to indulge in some wedding highs and lows. Overall, it was exactly what I wanted.  A big party.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to…

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The Truth to Matchmaking

It seems every time I meet a guy friend of The Comedian’s, I get asked, do I have any single girlfriends.  The answer is, yes, I do.  Whether I feel they are an appropriate match for that person is a biased opinion. Hooking people up or matchmaking is a science.  You can’t just hook two people up all willy nilly.…

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A Commitphobe strikes again!

I am sincerely honored to get asked advice from someone who I normally speak to in my social circle.  Thank you so much for reading my blog! Here goes: Dear Val, I have fallen for a commitphobe guy which I dated for 2 months. He has been in relationships up to 5 years but only because of his children. Every…

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Caller Smart – The app that will block catfishing

Have you ever wondered how to prevent potential Catfishing or ending up in a situation like my friend from one of my previous blogs, What’s your last name again?   Well, guess what?  There’s an app for that! Katie from Caller Smart reached out to me to spread the word on how their app can help eliminate the possibility of having the…

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Wedding Planning is for the Birds

If anyone really, really knows me, I sincerely don’t like being the center of attention.  I like to meander through the crowd getting to know people one on one.  Shoot, I always turn beet red when people start singing “Happy Birthday” to me.  Being put right in the spotlight is not really my thing.  So what does that say for…

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Commitaphobes vs Monogamers

A good friend of mine, “Los” (short for Carlos) and I have talked several times about commitephobes and monogamers.  Both of them exist in the dating world.  I admit, for a long time, I was a commitaphobe.  There was a point I was about to get married to someone and I wanted to run so far, he would never find…

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We’re Engaged!!!

It finally happened!  The Comedian and I are engaged.  All is good in the world.  I know that I am about two weeks late on sharing this news with the world other than my friends and family and social media followers but I digress… I won’t lie and say I didn’t see it coming, however, I did not know the…

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5 Steps on Flirting at the Bar

I love these wedding pictures of the Comedian and I from New York.  There were way too many props for the photo booths and goodies given out on the dance floor.  Definitely a time I will remember for the rest of my life, but I digress.  We’re here to give you tips, tips for the ladies.  I know it might…

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Why do women need control?

A few weeks ago, I was on a radio show and one of the hosts made a comment that she always pays for dinner, even on the first date.  I did not agree with her, however, I kept my true opinion to myself because it wasn’t my moment. There is an underlying reason for wanting that control.  Whether a guy…

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Is the Perfect Man Out There?

Recently, the Comedian went on a radio show (shout out to Central Florida Live).  Of course, I was intently listening in on the broadcast as any proud girlfriend should.  Towards the end of the program, they brought up something very interesting.  Are women’s standards way too high?  Now, I started to think, are women’s standards too high, like for real?…

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