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Traveling to Paris with Your Partner?

The comedian and I are about to embark on our first trip across the pond together.  I asked one of my favorite contributors to share her story with her significant other. ______________________________________________________________________ My partner changed my world when I started dating him.  We traveled so much together and he has definitely got me out of my bubble.  Our trips are…

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2016 – A Year in Review

I’d like to think this “Year in Review” idea could be an annual thing.  I like to reflect on the past year and its triumphs and challenges.  I really began this year in a good place as I was planning my wedding to The Comedian.  There were hopes and dreams that I wanted to accomplish. Year in Review I was…

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No One Wants to Hear about a Happy Relationship

“No one wants to hear about a happy relationship.”  That’s the Comedian said after doing a bit on stage.  Before he told a joke, he would run it by me to ask whether it was okay.  I honestly didn’t mind.  I knew it was an exaggerated version of our reality.  Once, a woman pulled me to the side after he…

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My Rattled Psyche

My psyche has been rattled quite a bit over the past few months. Wedding planning is more like a psychological roller coaster that takes you from super excited to damn right devastated. I spoke to one of The Comedian’s coworkers yesterday whose daughter is planning a wedding and she mentioned her daughter is at the stage where she does not…

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Wedding Cake Rant

I have a confession… I don’t like cake.  This is my struggle.  The wedding industry is telling me I have to spend $500 on something I don’t like to eat.  My fiance, however, does like cake so the battle is not completely lost.  I really do want to get a cake to do the whole “shove the cake in your…

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“What if?” is a scary phrase

Recently, a close friend of mine lost his father.  It got me to thinking about my relationship with my father.  Naturally, the first thing I think is that life is fleeting.  People come and go, bad things happen, good things happen, you have great relationships, and wonderful memories.  Some of those moments lead us to hours of therapy that I’m…

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Don’t Get in that Car

I recently heard something on the radio that was quite disturbing.  A girl was raped after getting into a car with a stranger.  My first question is why would anyone get into a car with a stranger?  It boggles my mind the naivety of some people.  Maybe it’s my thick skin or the fact that I’ve had so many close…

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Achievement Lately

I’ve been thinking a lot about achievement lately.  Here I am binging on House of Cards, a Netflix series about politicians climbing their way up the administrative ladder, doing the exact opposite which is sitting on the couch.  The irony right??  I am being partially productive by multitasking.  There has been this pounding in my heart that I should write…

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5 Ways to Boost your Confidence

Being a strong woman in a world full of people ready and willing to push you down can really take a toll on your confidence.  I literally just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert after much procrastination and watching the movie 500 times.  I was inspired by her story, especially her trip to India that led her to regain her…

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You’re going to rue the day… You started my dream

I’ll be completely transparent, I was let go from my 9-5 job on Monday. Most people would think I would be distraught with thoughts going through my head like, “Oh, no! What am I going to do?” or “I can’t believe this horrible b**ch let me go. She’s going to rue the day she made that decision!” But no, that’s…

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